ERIK CORE (1994)--cassette only--Jungle Forest Burning, Oakland, CA. Royal Earthen Troves Music.

ERIK CORE (1997)--cassette only--Self titled. Oakland, CA. Royal Earthen Troves Music

ERIK CORE (1998) Releasing the Dog Within. Oakland, CA. Royal Earthen Troves Music.

ERIK CORE (2000) Angry America. Oakland, CA. Acousticore Music.

ERIK CORE (2017) No War, No Where, Know Peace. San Francisco, CA. Acousticore Music. --Available on our Bandcamp page at:


Erik Core (2019) Last Call. San Francisco, CA. Acousticore Music.--Available on Bandcamp

Gunpowder Albums--Featuring Erik Core on lead vocals and acoustic guitar on all albums and Al Stingle (aka. Al Yippee Ki Yay) on Songs of the Resistance.

GUNPOWDER (2005) Oakland, CA. Circle A Ranch Records

GUNPOWDER (2010) II. Oakland, CA. Circle A Ranch Records

GUNPOWDER (2014) Songs of the Resistance. Oakland, CA. Circle A Ranch Records



KXLU 88.9 FM DEMOLISTEN: Volume 2 (1996) Featured Artists:  Retriever, Sloth, Sukia, Ms 45, Neubach Chaotic, Old Hickory, Sick Little Monkey, Carla Y Martha, Karen Reitzel, Ukefink, Woodpussy, 10 Cents, Polar Goldie Cats, Bobsled, Erik Core, Beck, Lighterjet, Superhate, The Abe Lincoln Story, Loli and the Chones, Tongue, Squid. No Life Records.

SMASH YOUR STEREO, 7 inch compilation. Featured Artists: Erik Core, Karen Reitzel, The Millionarres, Frail. Los Angeles, CA. Stick It To The Man Records.

KRAUTS, YANKS, AND LIMEYS! The First Ultimate B.O.B. Sampler. (1998) Featured Artists:  Wendy-O-Matik, Maggot Slayer Overdrive, Tatort, Stinking Borgs, The Morat Fingers, Ex Mass, Bungalow Boys, Ding Dang, Nebenwurkung, Messerknect,  Neurosis, Tribes of Neuroot, 44 XES, Balitmore Foot Stompers, Batman Puke, Cooper S, Turbojerk, A 38, Los Wochos, United Blood, Erik Core, Korrupt, Strychnine, Frog Face, Mighty Joe Young, Citizen Fish, Kiss Daddy Goodnight, Enemies, Muckspredder, A.S.E, Collins. Germany.

SKRATCH MAGAZINE: What Did You Expect For Free, Vol. 2. (1999)

SKRATCH MAGAZINE: What Did You Expect For Free, Vol. 3. (1999)

EARLY CAMPFIRE SONGS (2000) Featured Artists: Erik Core,

IN FORMATION: A TRIBUTE TO THROBBING GRISTLE (2000) Featured Artists:  Lockweld, Psywarfare, Radiosonde, Zipper Spy, The Wizards of War, Lesser, Non, 5/5/2000, Melvins, MSBR, Concentrick, Noisegate, 3 Bloody Monkeys, The Spacewurm w/Crash Worship, Deerhoof, Abdomen, Erik Core. Attention Deficit Recordings, Invisible Records.

CRUSTY RECORDS PRESENTS: THE ACRUSTIC AGE: Volume One The Stoner Age (2001) Featuring Artists: Johnny Sizzle, Joey "Shithead" , Erik Core