Josh “Bulldoza” Mendoza brings a hard fast dynamic sound to Erik Core, with drum sounds as diverse as Jazz and Bosa Nova to full on raging Hardcore and Metal. Bulldoza’s drumming is a raw force that drives the music--which is how he got his nickname.

His greatest personal influences include: Bill Ward, Benjamin Koller, and Steve Gabd. Bill Ward’s jazz blasting into the roots of modern metal with Black Sabbath is one of his earliest influences. Benjamin Koller, the drummer from Converge, demonstrates a power, innovation, and passion for drumming that provides constant inspiration. Steve Gabd, who Josh calls “smooth as butter” explores percussion from a global perspective; which pushes Josh to pull from anywhere and everywhere that a beat exists to tie into his playing.

He’s been active for years in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene playing drums with bands such as: Television Dreams, Renais, Naked Jasimine, and Whips. Television Dreams was a Fugazi/post-hardcore influenced band that shared stages with Gaza and Code Orange Kids. Renais, a screamo, emotional, powerful and loud band, was the band which pushed him to his limits as a musician and found the greatest expansion of his talents. Renais and Whips did extensive touring throughout California causing trouble and mayhem as they went. Next summer Bulldoza will conquer Europe, pushing the limits of his sound, with Erik Core.