Al Yippee Ki Yay is a one-man rock and roll machine. He’s the rhythm and the blues, he says, “Rhythm is king, melody is close second.” He’s what makes the rock roll. Imagine a stage on fire and that’s what it’s like to see Al play. It’s like he, the bass, and the stage are lit up. In his own words, “Play your ass off, don’t mind acting the fool.” Some of his influences include: James Jamerson (Motown), Karl Alverez (Descendents), Mark King (Level 42). Donald “Duck” Dunn (Nashville Stax, Blues Brothers), Muzz Skilling (Living Colour), Steve Harris, and John Entwhistle. Despite having cited all those great players as his influences after every gig Al plays someone leaves with Al as their newest influence.

Al’s got many years of experience in the studio and on the road. One such opportunity got his management company to relocate him from the East Coast to the West Coast. He’s extensively toured the West Coast in a number of great bands; opening for such acts as: Fishbone, Smashmouth and Self. Currently, Al plays bass with Erik in Gunpowder and is getting ready to tour Europe in June 2017. Some of his favorite experiences include recording at the world famous Plant Studio in Sausalito with the late great producer Tom Wilson who worked with such bands as: Dead Kennedys, T.S.O.L., Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and The Offspring. Most recently he recorded with Chris “Frenchie” Smith, who produced Meat Puppets, and Jet. 

In Erik Core, Al is the glue that holds all the mayhem together. His playing is the voice that connects the drums and guitars and weaves melodies and rhythms throughout that takes the bass to the next level of playing and performing. 2017 is a big year with the Erik Core tour of Europe in May and the new Erik Core album being recorded in March with Beau Sorenson. Get ready to hear the man you’ll cite as your next big influence!