Acouticore Music presents Erik Core!

Imagine Motorhead, The Dead Kennedys, and the Violent Femmes had a love child. Seriously, with Lemmy anything’s possible. The offspring would sound like Erik Core. Combining Erik Core’s epic battle cries and flaming acoustic guitar work with JPop’s drums pounding like an endless herd of buffalo on the western plains and Al Stingle’s bass playing driving like thunder aggressively pushing the herds ever onward with deep hypnotic melodies--that is the sound of Erik Core! A true acoustic punk power trio from the Far West Coast of California. Music with meaning, message, and rhythm. Whether you call it acoustic punk, acoustic metal, Motorhead unplugged (as a fan called us) you will know when you hear this that you are hearing a new sound for the first time in ages!

The new album Erik Core: No War, No Where, Know Peace is now available—engineered by Beau Sorenson and mastered by Kurdt Vanderhoof.

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